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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
5316Jebel Sirbalgraniteunidentified signsincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
5317Jebel Sirbalgraniteunidentified signsincisedpoor Transcription Not Published80 x 30 cm.View
5321Jebel Sirbalgraniteunidentified signsincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
5067rock 5, Wadi Haggagsandstoneunidentified signsscratchedpoor Transcription Not Published View
5580Jebel Himayyirsandstoneunidentified signsincisedgood Transcription Not Published View
6093Bir Sueirsandstoneunidentified signsincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
4302Wadi Haggagsandstoneunidentified signsscratchedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
6094Bir Sueirsandstoneunidentified signsincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
7119Entrance 1, Church of the Holy Sepulchreunidentified signsincisedfaircluster of dots and linesTranscription Not Published View
4561pillar C3, Church of the Nativityunidentified signsscratchedfair Transcription Not Published View