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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
5617Umm Araqsandstoneunidentified signsincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
6385Entrance 3, Church of the Holy Sepulchreunidentified signsincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
7411Wadi Abu Ghadhayyatsandstoneunidentified signspunchedpoorvarious unclear drawingsTranscription Not Published View
7923Uvda Valley 1, Uvda Valleylimestoneunidentified signsincisedfair Transcription Not Published View
5364Arade 5, Wadi Aradesandstoneunidentified signsscratchedfair Transcription Not Published View
758Naqb Sarasandstoneunidentified signsincisedgood Transcription Not Published View
6134St. Helena Chapel 11, Church of the Holy Sepulchreunidentified signspaintedpoor Transcription Not Published View
8438Jebel Maharununidentified signsincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
5880unknown, Sinaiunidentified signsincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
7416Nahal Ovdat 2, Nahal Ovdatlimestoneunidentified signsincisedfair Transcription Not Published View