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מאגר כתובות סלע וגרפיטי כולל כ-9000 צילומי כתובות, ציורי סלע ואפיגפים אחרים מסיני, הנגב, והמקומות הקדושים לנצרות בארץ. נתוני הכתובות, מקומות המצואתן, נ"צ, ופרטים אחרים, ולחלקן גם פענוחים חוברים יחד ליצור כלי מחקר חשוב לתחומים רבים. החומר הנאסף עומד לרשות חוקרים והצבור הרחב.

This site presents the data gathered by the Rock Inscription and Graffiti Project at the Institute of Asian and African Studies.

These photographs were assembled before the reversion of the Sinai Peninsula to Egyptian sovereignty in 1982. The collection is designed to make available images of inscriptions, rock drawings, Beduin markings and other epigraphs and to organize them including descriptions, coordinates, and locations. In order to facilitate research into the human traffic in the Wilderness of Sinai, inscriptions in major published corpora have been included, as will be evident.

To the material from Sinai, we have added epigraphs from the Christian Holy Places and also from the Negev desert.

The collection does not claim to be exhaustive in any way.

The images belong to the Rock Inscriptions and Graffiti project and high resolution images for study and eventual publication will be made available to scholars on request sent to: michael.stone@huji.ac.il.

Three volumes of a catalogue have been published:

Michael E. Stone, The Rock Inscriptions and Graffiti Project: Catalogue of Inscriptions. 3 volumes. SBLRBS 28, 29, 31. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1992–94.

The Armenian and Georgian inscriptions have been published:

Michael E. Stone, The Armenian Inscriptions from the Sinai with Appendixes on the Georgian and Latin Inscriptions by M. van Esbroeck and W. Adler. Harvard Armenian Texts and Studies 6. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1982.

The Ethiopic Inscription has been published:

Emile Puech, 'Une Inscription Ethiopienne ancienne au Sinai (Wadi Hajjaj)', Revue Biblque, 87 (1980) 597-600.

A journal of the Expeditions to the Sinai is currently being edited: Michael E. Stone, A Sinai Diary (forthcoming).