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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
7026Entrance 3, Church of the Holy SepulchrePolish inscriptiondrawnpoor Transcription Not Published View
7302El Aleiliyat, Wadi Suweinitrock drawingdrawnfairtwo seven-branched candelabra drawn with charcoalTranscription Not Published View
7303El Aleiliyat, Wadi Suweinitrock drawingdrawnfairpentagram with six small pentagrams drawn insideTranscription Not Published View
7064Entrance 1, Church of the Holy SepulchreArabic inscriptiondrawnfair Transcription Not Published View
7075Entrance 1, Church of the Holy SepulchreArabic inscriptiondrawnpoor Transcription Not Published View
7335El Aleiliyat, Wadi Suweinitvaried crossesdrawngood Transcription Not Published View
7879David&#039;s Tomb, Jerusalemrock drawingdrawngoodcrest surrounded by heraldic motifs, accompanied by insc. 7880Transcription Not Published View
7880David&#039;s Tomb, JerusalemLatin inscriptiondrawnpoorpossibly dated "18??"Transcription Not Published View
7134Entrance 1, Church of the Holy SepulchreGreek inscriptiondrawnfair Transcription Not Published View
8673Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaEgyptian inscriptiondrawnunknowninitials and date are burnt with the smoke of a candle on the roof of the Siloam tunnel 240 feet from the southern end.Transcription Not Published View