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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
121rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedfair ԱՆ4 x ? cm.View
122rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedfair ՄՈ[Վ] / ՍԷ[Ս]20 x 10 cm.View
123rock 3, Wadi Haggagsandstonecrosses aloneincisedgoodgroup of crossesTranscription Not Published View
124rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedfair Ի ՆՂՐՑՐ10 x 60 cm.View
125rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneGreek inscriptionincisedfair ΣΘΗ ΜΝΗ / ΣΤΕΦA View
126rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneGreek inscriptionincisedfair ΚΕ ΒΟΗΘΙ ΘΕΟΦΙ / ΛΟΝ ΕΠΙ... View
127rock 3, Wadi Haggagsandstonecrosses aloneincisedgoodline of crossesTranscription Not Published View
128rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedfair ՆՈՍ ԵԱԿ10 x 37 cm.View
129rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedpoorimpossible to measure accuratelyՍԻԱ .... ՄԲ View
130rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedpoorimpossible to measure accuratelyՇԱԲԵՆՆ...ԱՄԲ / ԱԲԲԱ... / .... View