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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
6662Entrance 3, Church of the Holy SepulchreSyriac inscriptionincisedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
8454unknown, SinaiNabatean inscriptionincisedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
5127Wadi Haggagsandstonerock drawingincisedexcellentcamelTranscription Not Published View
8199rock 3, Wadi Haggagsandstonecrosses aloneincisedexcellentforked cross under arcTranscription Not Published View
8455unknown, Sinaiunidentified inscriptionincisedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
2056Wadi MukatabsandstoneNabatean inscriptionunknownexcellent שלמ שעדלהי בר / עמיו בר שבעו / ועמיו ברה בטב View
5128Wadi Haggagsandstonefootstepsincisedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
7945Timna 2, Timnasandstonerock drawingincisedexcellentchariots drawing: many ibexes, human figures with chariots, animalsTranscription Not Published View
3594Wadi Nakhleh, Jebel SirbalgraniteNabatean inscriptionunknownexcellent שלמ שמרח בר עמיו / זידו וואלו בניה / שלמ View
4618Wadi Tueibasandstonerock drawingscratchedexcellentanimals and human figuresTranscription Not Published View