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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
1298Wadi Sihgranite, sandstoneNabatean inscriptionincisedexcellent שלמ חברכנ בר חלצת בטב View
1299Wadi Sihgranite, sandstoneNabatean inscriptionincisedexcellent שלמ ואלו בר אלאברשו בטב View
4371pillar B7, Church of the NativityLatin inscriptionscratchedexcellent Transcription Not Published3 x 2.5 cm.View
5907Justinian doors rt., Santa Katarinawooden doorscrosses with inscriptionincisedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
4629pillar B11, Church of the NativityArabic inscriptionscratchedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
1302Wadi Sihgranite, sandstoneNabatean inscriptionincisedexcellent דכיר בריאו בר / חרשו ו / עמרו ברה בטב View
8470Bir Sueirsandstonecrosses aloneincisedexcellentforked crossTranscription Not Published View
4632pillar B11, Church of the Nativitycrosses alonescratchedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
4888pillar B6, Church of the NativityEnglish inscriptionscratchedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
6168Wadi Sidrigranite, sandstoneNabatean inscriptionincisedexcellent Transcription Not Published View