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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
8671Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaHebrew inscriptionunknownunknownsarcophagus of Queen Sara in the tombs of the Kings. Letters are very rude but closely approximate square type.Transcription Not Published View
8672Gezer, Hebrew inscriptionincisedunknowndolmen with two Hebrew letters cut on the top stone.Transcription Not Published View
8673Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaEgyptian inscriptiondrawnunknowninitials and date are burnt with the smoke of a candle on the roof of the Siloam tunnel 240 feet from the southern end.Transcription Not Published View
8674Hebron, IsraelGreek inscriptionpaintedunknownpainted in red. published in the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society 16, p. 336. invocation to Abraham probably dates from time of Justinian.Transcription Not Published View
8675Hebron, IsraelArabic inscriptionreliefunknownband of inscriptions made on plaster above marble wall of churchTranscription Not Published View
8676Hebron, IsraelArabic inscriptionreliefunknowninscription in silver letters with date. In shrine of Abraham.Transcription Not Published View
8677Hebron, IsraelArabic inscriptionreliefunknowndedicatory inscription for the restoration of the porch by the governor of Damascus in the shrine of Sarah.Transcription Not Published View
8678Hebron, Israelunidentified inscriptionincisedunknowninvocatory graffitin inscriptions in the church at the tomb of the patriarchsTranscription Not Published View