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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
1Wadi Haggagsandstoneunidentified inscriptionincisedpoorArmenian?Transcription Not Published View
2Wadi HaggagsandstoneGreek inscriptionincisedgood ΚΕ ΣΩΣΟΝ View
3Wadi MagharasandstoneEgyptian hieroglyphsincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
4rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedpoor ...ՄԵ4.3 x 6 cm.View
5rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedfair ԱՆԱՆԻԱ4.5 x 35 cm.View
6rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedfair ՆԵՐՍ4 x 7 cm.View
7rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneGreek inscriptionincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
8rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedgood ՎԱՍԱԿ2 x 10.5 cm.View
9rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedfairL.1: 3x? cm.; L.2: 1.7x6.5 cm.Ս / ՏՐԴԱՏ? x 6.5 cmView
10Wadi HaggagsandstoneGreek inscriptionincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View