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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
1726rock 3 area 3, Wadi Haggagsandstonevaried crossesincisedgoodSee M. Stone, Armenian Inscriptions, Plate LXXXVITranscription Not Published View
7106Vale of Elijah, Jebel Musagranitevaried crossesincisedgood Transcription Not Published View
4814Vale of Elijah, Jebel Musagranitevaried crossesincisedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
6099Bir Sueirsandstonevaried crossesincisedexcellent Transcription Not Published View
6102Bir Sueirsandstonevaried crossesincisedgood Transcription Not Published View
220rock 3 area 1, Wadi Haggagsandstonevaried crossesincisedgood Transcription Not Published View
1765rock 3, Wadi Haggagsandstonevaried crossesincisedgoodmonogrammed crossK+R View
2278rock 3, Wadi Haggagsandstonevaried crossesincisedgood Transcription Not Published View
4584pillar C7, Church of the Nativityvaried crossesscratchedfair Transcription Not Published View
5864unknown, Sinaivaried crossesincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View