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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
8641Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaGreek inscriptionincisedunknownChristian inscription found in tomb west of the hall above Jeremiah's grotto. Stone possibly in secondary use.Transcription Not Published View
8642Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of Gazacrosses with inscriptionincisedunknowncross accompanying insc. 8641 inside tombTranscription Not Published View
8643Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaArabic inscriptionincisedunknowninscribed upon pillar of courtyard of Oulâd Y'akubTranscription Not Published View
8644Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaLatin inscriptionincisedunknowninscribed on column base of gallery of Haram esh sherif, Temple MountTranscription Not Published View
8645Ramleh, IsraelGreek inscriptionincisedunknowninscription on a capital from Niane, a village close to RamlehTranscription Not Published View
8646Ramleh, IsraelArabic inscriptionincisedpoorfragment of a Cufic inscriptionTranscription Not Published View
8647Amwas (Emmaus), IsraelPhoenician inscriptionincisedunknowntwo lines separated by a horizontal stroke. Clermont-Ganneau states that the use of Archaic Hebrew (Phoenician) in the 5th-6th C. is an artificial archaism. inscribed on capital of a church.Transcription Not Published View
8648Amwas (Emmaus), IsraelGreek inscriptionincisedunknowninscribed on capital of a church.Transcription Not Published View
8649Amwas (Emmaus), Israelmasons' marksincisedunknownincised on top of column shaft of churchTranscription Not Published View
8650Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaGreek inscriptionincisedunknownfound in ruins of church outside Damascus Gate, Old City. Crusader period.Transcription Not Published View