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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
8661Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaGreek inscriptionincisedunknownossuary with Greek and Hebrew inscriptionsTranscription Not Published View
8662Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaGreek inscriptionincisedpoorossuary with cursive Greek epitaphTranscription Not Published View
8663Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaHebrew inscriptionincisedunknownossuary with Hebrew inscription in early square characters; the name of Jesus is twice repeated, followed by an indecipherable patronymicTranscription Not Published View
8664Colonia, IsraelGreek inscriptionincisedpoorperhaps the end of the ancient name of this place which was apparently a Roman settlementTranscription Not Published View
8665Ain Sinai, Hebrew inscriptionincisedunknownsquare letters. tomb at Ain Sinai.Transcription Not Published View
8666Umm ez Zeinât, Hebrew inscriptionscratchedunknownletters scratched and then coloured red. Found in tomb (possible 2nd century BCE)Transcription Not Published View
8667Archelais, Hebrew inscriptionincisedunknownform of characters close to Siloam inscription. No indication of exact date.Transcription Not Published View
8668Kfir Bir&#039;im, Hebrew inscriptionincisedunknownsquare letters, similar to inscription at synagogue of El Jish. inscribed upon doorway of synagogue.Transcription Not Published View
8669Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaHebrew inscriptionincisedunknownBeni Hezir tombTranscription Not Published View
8670Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaHebrew inscriptionunknownunknowntwo line inscription on tomb near tomb of the Judges, north of JerusalemTranscription Not Published View