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Displaying 8651-8660 of 8678 results.
Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
8651Amwas (Emmaus), IsraelGreek inscriptionchiselledunknowninscribed within cartouche upon a door lintelTranscription Not Published View
8652Yeka, IsraelFrench inscriptionincisedunknownepitaphTranscription Not Published View
8653Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaGreek inscriptionincisedpoorflag stone over tomb in church outside Damascus Gate, Old CityTranscription Not Published View
8654Hebron, IsraelGreek inscriptionincisedunknown Transcription Not Published View
8655Hebron, IsraelHebrew inscriptionincisedunknownerroneous transcriptionTranscription Not Published View
8656David&#039;s Tomb, Jerusalemrock drawingpaintedunknowncrusader shield dated 1414 and has the name of Kunz (conrad) the Geuder von Noremberg; painted on paper and glued to the interior wallTranscription Not Published View
8657David&#039;s Tomb, Jerusalemrock drawingpaintedunknowncrusader shield painted on paper and glued to interior wall; contains name of Sigmund LaberTranscription Not Published View
8658Gaza, Merdan er Zeid, east of GazaArmenian inscriptionunknownunknownepitaph of an abbess of a convent on the Mount of OlivesTranscription Not Published View
8659Amwas (Emmaus), IsraelGreek inscriptionincisedunknown Transcription Not Published View
8660Amwas (Emmaus), IsraelLatin inscriptionincisedunknowncontains the name "Rufus" with the word "patronus", who may be identical with the governor of that name at the time of the Bar Kochba revoltTranscription Not Published View