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Inscription NumberSite NameMediumLanguage/TypeExecutionPreservationRemarksTranscriptionDimensions 
91rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneGeorgian inscriptionincisedgoodtoo high to measureევსები View
92rock 3, Wadi Haggagsandstonerock drawingincisedgoodcamelTranscription Not Published View
93rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedpoor ...ՄՈՒ...2 x 6 cm.View
94rock 3, Wadi Haggagsandstoneunidentified inscriptionincisedpoor Transcription Not Published View
95rock 3, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedpoorThe inscription is incomplete at the start....ԾԱՏՈՒՐ1.5 x 9 cm.View
96rock 3, Wadi Haggagsandstonecrosses aloneincisedgood Transcription Not Published View
97rock 3 area 4, Wadi HaggagsandstoneArmenian inscriptionincisedfairL.1: 3.8x20 cm.; L.2: not available.Ի ԹՈՒ ՆԻ / ԱԲԲԱ ՄԱՐԿՈՍ ԱՄԿԷԱՆԷ3.8-? x 20-? cm.View
98rock 3 area 4, Wadi HaggagsandstoneGreek inscriptionincisedgood ΚΕ ΦΥΛAΖΟΝ / ΤΟΝ ΚΥΡΙΛΛΟΝ View
99rock 3 area 4, Wadi HaggagsandstoneNabatean inscriptionpunchedgood דכיר חנטלו בר / עמרו בטב View
100rock 3 area 4, Wadi HaggagsandstoneNabatean inscriptionincisedfair שלמ דאבו בר .... View